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Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media sites growing at thousands of users a day. Because of the vast background of all these users it doesn’t take a lot of effort to recognize its influence, and any company, regardless of size and product will be able to boost their brand and create product familiarity, while always building potential customers. It’s easy to create a Facebook page, but what many are not aware of is that creating a Facebook page that easily collects ‘likes’ and builds a strong fan base, is a daunting task.

When a visitor makes it to your Facebook page, most will click on either your info or wall, and if they don’t find anything that catches their interest they will simply leave your page. When a visitor likes your page, it’s to your advantage, because this new fan will be updated now and then with things you publish.

You may have come across pages on Facebook that are so well done you wonder how it was possible. Great news! Here are 5 things you need to know about your Facebook fan page.

#1 Embed YouTube Video

Facebook doesn’t allow you to instantly run flash. You have to launch it by clicking on an image, so you need an image whenever you put a video up on Facebook. You can put your own URL within a custom picture.

#2 Product Commenting

If you want to set up a little store on your Facebook business page, this feature is excellent. You can have each product liked and then commented on.

#3 Insert Flash Content

If you want to customise your Facebook fan pages with flash files within the header or within the photo gallery. If you are going to embed flash you will need to install a plugin or widget like 3D Flash Slide Show Maker. There are others you can use.

#4 Track Using Google Analytics

The Facebook analytics system offers only limited information, but that’s not a problem because you can use Google Analytics on your Facebook business page. Create a new Google Analytics account to use with your Facebook URL. Then copy the UA number provide and insert it into your page code. Applications using the Facebook Platform can access Insights data using the Graph API and FQL. You must grant permission to allow third-party analytics software to access the Insights data for your account.

#5 Pop Ups

If you find your Facebook page is content heavy, you can hide some of it under the pop up boxes by inserting the appropriate pop up code.

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#6. Do Not Promote Share

Your Facebook Page doesn’t exist just to market your products/services. If that’s all you do with it, your followers will lose interest quickly. Use your Page to get people interested that will make use of your products/services.

#7. Make Sure You Are Relevant

Think about your posts, keeping in mind the season, what topics are hot, what’s in the news, etc. Share links that your fans would be interested in and that they would want to share with their friends.

#8. Make Sure Your Posts Are Interesting

Posts don’t have to be news to be interesting. Your fans aren’t going to be interested in news unless it’s relevant, but they might be interested in learning about a new product that’s coming to market that’s relevant. For example, let’s say that you run a medical page, and there’s a new cancer treatment that has shown promising results. Sharing this information with your fans would be wise as it is interesting, engaging, and relevant.

#9. Posting About the Competition is Okay, Sometimes

Let’s say a new study is released that’s so interesting you know that it will attract attention. It might be better if you could find your own expert to give their opinion but that’s not always possible. In these cases it’s okay if you share information from a reputable source even when it’s your competition. A common mistake is to want to avoid anything to do with the competition, but ironically your competition can sometimes benefit you rather than hinder you.

#10. Keep Your Fans Talking

Never underestimate the power of your words. ‘What’s your opinion?’ When you post links from experts, especially ‘hot topics’ or controversial topics, ask your audience for their opinion, their feedback. Your goal is to generate conversation with your fans and to bring new fans on board. Your fans are the core to your Facebook Page being successful. But building those fans and ‘Likes’ can be quite a challenge.

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#11 Use Social Media

The use of social media channels like LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter are a great way to encourage people to visit your Facebook page. These are free marketing tools that you should take advantage of. In addition to direct posts, make sure that you occasionally cross post from one to the other. Twitter only allows 140 characters so make good use of them.

#12 Take Advantage of Public Events

Often overlooked, yet a powerful tool that can be a great way to spread the word. If you are doing public speaking be sure you include your Facebook Page URL on the slide show as it makes it easy for people to connect. If you attend network meetings this is a great time to encourage members to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page and become fans.

#13 Fan Page Fridays

On Facebook, there are Pages that host Fan Page Friday events. If you are participating, you will be encouraged to stop by the page on a specific date to introduce your business to everyone that’s participating and then tag their page in the post. The idea is that you will work through all the comments and ‘Like’ each of the participating pages who will in turn ‘Like’ your page. A word of caution. Only participate in local events, because if you land up with tons of international fans, it could actually lower your EdgeRank score. In addition, if others hide your news feed posts because they only wanted the ‘Like’ from you and aren’t interested in your business, this could hurt you.

#14 Encourage Check Ins on Your Facebook Page

For anyone who has a brick and mortar business, you should enable check ins on your Facebook page, and then remind customers to check in when they are in your premises. You can even include an incentive like offering a discount.

#15 Make Use of Signage

When customers visit your brick and mortar business, you can create signage for in your store that allows customers to ‘Like” your page using a text message. Your signage would look something like this. “Text Like (insert Facebook Page name) to 34587. Test this on your cell phone first before you commit your budget to this. You can also develop signage that includes your social media icons.

These 15 tips are a great start to growing your Facebook fans.

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