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Subject line: Advertising in a nutshell

There are many forms of online advertising but generally, we can classify them into 3 main types:

1. Involuntary advertising

Involuntary advertising refers to any advertising solution that forces prospects to look at your ad involuntarily. It includes pop-up, pop-under and any form of website ad feeds. Involuntary advertising solutions are probably the worst types of advert because they are very obtrusive and usually the traffic is much less targeted.

2. Voluntary advertising

Voluntary advertising refers to any advertising solution whereby the prospects make a conscious effort to visit your website. This form of advertising includes Pay Per Click, banner advertising, classified. It is more targeted and the qualities of the prospects are usually better since they consciously choose to view your ad. The only problem is since it’s on a voluntary basis, you may not get any traffic to your website at all, not to mention conversions or sales.

3. Incentive advertising

Incentive advertising refers to any advertising solution whereby the prospects are rewarded to view your ad. The reward may be in monetary terms or it may be credits or points in exchange for more traffic to their websites. This form of advertising includes paid to read email, paid to surf and traffic exchange network. The advantage of such advertising solution is that although the intention of the prospects are questionable, at least you get a chance to show your offer in front of them. As the traffic is usually targeted, if you have a good advertising campaign, you can usually get quite a good response, provided the traffic is not exploited such as they have to view 10-20 ads a day!

I would like to introduce you to the Incentive based advertiser which I use everday.

What is Leadsleap?

Leadsleap provides the following services to advertisers…

1. Pro-active Advertising.

2. Rev Share System.

3. Lead Building System.

(Simply download the PDF file and learn the tricks).

How Long has Leadsleap been on-line?

Leadsleap has been on-line for over nine years and I have been a member of for over eight years, and have always been impressed with all the values that it offers to its members, even for free members.

Now that LeadsLeap has reinvented itself into a revenue-sharing advertising and leads building system. The best has just got better.

Imagine a system where you can share revenue in 3 ways with no purchase needed and get free traffic at the same time.

As an example of an incentive based advert, I have a special report for you today.

It’s called “One Signup A Day Strategy”.

No optin needed. No gimmick.

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