Welcome back today we look at back-links as a traffic strategy.

Hopefully you have had a chance to implement some of the strategies we discussed in my last blog post. By carrying out various small tweaks and simple changes to your website, your visibility to search engines massively improves, leading to more targeted traffic.

Tools required:

Internet connection
15 minutes per backlink

Traffic Generation Strategy #2: Building Back-links

There’s a lot of buzz around building quality back-links in order to boost search engine ranking, and generate organic, targeted traffic to your site. There’s a good reason for this; back-links count as “votes” for your website and the more you have of them, the greater your exposure will be within the major search engines including www.Google.com and

Traffic Generation Strategy No2 - Back-links

Back-links identify the value of your website, and the source as well as quantity of back-links signify to the search engines, just how relevant your website is.  This means that it’s important to focus your back-link building efforts, on both obtaining a high number of back-links as well as quality back-links that link to your site from established, relevant websites and blogs. There are a number of different ways to build an effective back-link campaign including generating back-links from authority blogs, communities & forums!

When it comes to generating back-links from authority blogs you simply spend time posting comments within open threads, using anchor text (when possible) to link back to your website using relevant keywords. While not all blogs provide “do follow” links, (meaning that the link will count within the search engines), it’s relatively easy to locate blogs that offer link juice. One of the easiest ways of finding relevant ‘do follow’ blogs is by downloading the free Firefox plugin, available at:


Building back-links can be time consuming however, it’s an essential component in boosting your search engine ranking while being able to generate targeted, high quality traffic to your website! You want to make sure that you post quality comments, so that the blog administrator retains your back-links. You also want to represent yourself as a credible source for quality information within your niche market. When creating your back-link, make sure that you use anchor text to describe the website where you are directing people to. To do this, you need to include a bit of HTML code to create your back-link with anchor text:

href=”http://yoururlhere”>Your Keywords Here

You want to make sure that you include relevant keywords within your actual anchor text so that you can rank for specific keywords.

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