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The traffic strategy covered today is outlined below:

Traffic Generation Strategy #8:
Become An Active Blogger

One of the best tactics to use in order to build back links and generate fresh traffic to your site is by becoming an active blogger, both by creating your own blogs and commenting on authority, established blogs within your niche market.

To determine whether a specific blog will count as a link back, you can download the free Firefox plugin at: http://www.quirk.biz/searchstatus/

It’s also important to use anchor text within your blog comments, especially if you want to rank for various keyword phrases.

If you need help in setting up your blog, I have put together a simple guide, (drop me an email requesting the guide) which will guide you through the whole process from just starting out, to getting your blog online and set-up.

What can I say about blogging as a traffic strategy:

Google loves blogs.

Here are some of the things you can do to make sure that your blogging activities get rewarded by more than just comments and praises. While writing your blogs you also need to keep in mind a few things. This is not only to ensure that you get a steady traffic, but also increases your readership and search engine rankings.

Here are a few tips to ensure your traffic increases.

Reader Friendly Content

At all costs keep your content – articles, poems, photographs, videos – reader friendly and interesting. Your reader must be at the center of you post, they must feel that they are gaining something out of reading your post. This is the basic rule of marketing.

Make your Blog Post Worthwhile

Never let the reader feel that he has been tricked into reading your post or clicking on your blog link. For a smallshort term gain, you are harming your blogs long term future. If anything you will drive traffic away from your blog.

Check for errors

Making grammatical and spelling errors can be a major put off for many readers. They may not visit your blog again simply because the errors that you make are too high. Always proof read your blog. A small typo here and there can be understood, but make sure you don’t make any major errors.



– Keep
– It
– Short and
– Simple.

This is the rule of thumb you want to follow. Long winded posts tend to get boring. Especially if it discusses nothing of interest to your reader.

Traffic Strategy - Active Blogging

Make sure that you hold your reader’s attention by making your posts snazzy. Write in an upbeat and professional way. Write short sentences and keep them crisp and precise.


Remember to link to other blogs which are similar to yours. If you find an article interesting, then other visitors, will also find it interesting. Keep back-linking and building a network of people and blogs which will drive traffic to your site.


Using the keywords within your posts and in your title tags, will increase the search ability of your article which in turn leads more people to visit your blog.

Post Title

A catchy post title or headline is half the battle solved. It can glue a reader to your post almost immediately. However, do not put misleading post titles, or you will lose all credibility. So, be consistent with your blog content and watch traffic flowing in to your blog! Post content frequently. You are looking to post at least two articles per week. Keep these ideas in mind when you are creating your blog posts and you will have an avalanche of hungry, targeted customers eager to view your offers.

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