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Welcome to the fourth lesson in the Tiny Niche Profits Crash Course.
This sequence of blog post has been aimed at teaching you how target tiny (micro) niche markets for both better results and increased profits.

I hope you have found the previous lessons both informative and useful and that you now have a better understanding of what’s involved in this marketing strategy.

Today we are going to talk about the importance of choosing your keyword’s and setting up a website for your carefully chosen (tiny) niche.

The concept behind building a website for your niche is fairly simple. After you have done the research and selected a small niche to focus on it is time to start thinking about your marketing strategy and how you are going to attract the highly targeted consumers for the products and services that you are promoting.

Building a website that is highly focused around the products you’re selling is a great way to do that and finding the right keywords in that particular market is the best place to start. For this part of the process you want to choose the words that your potential customers will be using when they search the Internet.

For example, users are more likely to search for a term outdoor paint than for a brand that sells it. In other words, they will search for an item by typing in search phrases like “buy outdoor paint,” “outdoor paint for sale,” “best outdoor paint,” etc. So by targeting keywords that are highly targeted and used frequently by your consumers you will be able to attract more visitors to your site.

While the process sounds easy enough it is often a very time consuming job because not only do your chosen keywords need to have enough interest to generate traffic they must be distinctive enough to rank higher than your competition on major the search engines.

Highly Focused Keywords Will Bring Highly Targeted Traffic Which Results In Increased Sales & Profits For Your Business.

The Snowball Effect…. If you were to roll a snowball down a mountain, as the snowball rolls, it picks up more snow and gets bigger, this results in it gaining momentum. At some point in this cycle it becomes self-fulfilling – that is the snowball will continue to get bigger and bigger, and the bigger the snowball gets the more momentum it gains.

If you choose the right keywords for your market, you site will start to get a lot of traffic. Inevitably, your website will rank higher on Google as well as other major search engines, bringing even more traffic and business to your niche. Congratulations your website has just gained the Snowball effect….

Once you have flushed out a good list of keywords it’s time to start building your website. You’ll want to create various pages on your website as opposed to a single landing page or sales page type of website:
As an example these pages consist of:

Home Page
About Us Page
Contact Us Page
Page dedicated to Keyword 1
Page dedicated to Keyword 2

Of course there is a little bit more to the process but that is a quick overview of what your site should include. You will also need to think about how you are going to build your site as we discussed in your first lesson you can use a WYSIWYG builder, a blogging platform like WordPress or you can hire a designer. There are many options available and the one you choose is completely up to you.

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