Autoresponder’s are to emails what answering machines are to phones. They can serve as receptionist’s, marketer’s and pacifier’s for potential and active clients who all want a piece of your time. Of course, in today’s busy world, you can’t just keep answering emails the whole day, so Autoresponder’s are here to do that for you. Here are 4 simple ways to use your Autoresponder:

• Organize your Answers Cohesively:

Fixed answers such as price, service rates, FAQ’s and the like are tiresome to send manually especially when it’s the only thing you seem to be doing for the best part of your day. With Autoresponder’s, websites now have the luxury of having a set of detailed answers to clients’ most frequently asked questions ready to go. These can be sent out quicker and cheaper than employing a personal secretary or virtual assistant and can prove to be more reliable as well. This way, the company is also more consistent with answers to sensitive questions like price, for example. At least no one can then accuse you of giving one rate to one client and a cheaper one to the other.

• Share Knowledge with Employees:

Too busy to impart everything to your employees? Well, with Autoresponder’s, you can set up your course modules with not only clients but with those in your internal office. This way, you can still increase their performance even when you’re too busy carrying out your other business tasks. A sequential Autoresponder will help you preset your message delivery. This can be set-up in such a way to deliver a weekly newsletter to your employees or customers. This will allow your message to be properly digested prior to the next one being received.

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• Market to Clients:

With the advent of Autoresponder’s clients can choose to subscribe to a monthly or weekly newsletter from the company. This way, they are kept well-informed about new products that are about to be released by the company. Whether you’re a big or small enterprise, marketing through Autoresponder’s is an affordable and effective way to keep clients in the loop. Even bloggers can benefit from using Autoresponder’s as a marketing tool as it’s a great alternative to a regular RSS feed. It’s also a way to increase traffic going to your main website.

Sequential course modules can also be marketed as newsletters for clients. It can be a great way to generate extra income. By giving out the first few chapters to subscribers and letting them pay for the rest, not only are you helping, you will have branded your product or service as a thing of help rather than just a plain Spam message.

• Relax Properly:

How many business owners or employees have gone on vacation while still worrying about the things they have to finish, the clients they have to call and the backlog of messages they have to answer? Well, with Autoresponder’s, clients who’ve emailed you will receive an immediate pre-written message explaining the circumstances and further stating that you’ll get back to him as soon as you can when you return. This way, you’ve touched based with them even when you’re enjoying your break.

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