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“How serious is your desire to build your business?”

In this blog post we are using the same analogy of the supermarket and we will discuss the three strategies covered in more detail.

Traffic Strategy #10: Capturing Exit Traffic

Just like you’d rush after those 97 customers in your grocery store, you should also capture those people who are leaving your websites and blogs. You don’t want to just let them go, because once they go, they are likely to never come back!

You need to capture as much of your exit traffic as possible onto a mailing list. That way, if someone is leaving your site without buying anything, you still have a chance to sell them something later.

Here is an example of an exit popup for you to try.

– You’ll want to set up a squeeze page that makes them some kind of compelling offer.

– You’ll want to include a great freebie that seems incredibly valuable, so that very few people could refuse.

Once people are convinced to join, you need to start making use of them right away. The best way to do this is to create an email series that will be sent to your prospects on an automated basis after they join your list.

Exit Capture
Targeted Traffic

This is usually a continuous series that presents a large amount of information spaced out over seven emails, one sent each day. The main reason you want to space these emails out daily is so your list members get to know you and don’t forget about you. They will start to be conditioned to receiving regular emails from you, and they may even look forward to them if you’re giving them good information.

Interest in your newsletter is almost always at its highest right after someone subscribes to your list.

As times goes on, your emails will probably become less effective. So you’ll want to make the most of your subscribers as soon as they join. For this reason, you want to keep the content (and offers) coming regularly so they don’t forget you or lose interest.

Pitch your product in the very first email you send out, and keep pitching it often.

You’ll hear some marketers telling you not to promote to your list right away. They say you should send them a lot of content first. But that only accomplishes one thing: to make your subscribers expect everything free. Plus, why would you withhold products from them that could really change their lives?

Why would you knowingly keep these people from getting help with problems they may be having?

Obviously, you’ll want to start building a meaningful relationship with your subscribers, but you don’t have to forgo promotion to do it. Just include your promotions along with your content. Use a Thank You Page For Subscribing. You must maximise every single bit of real estate you have, and the page prospects see after they subscribe to your mailing list is no exception.

An example of a ? simple thank you for subscribing page.

Most people simply send people to a simple page thanking them for subscribing after they join and reminding them to check their email to confirm their subscription, but instead, you should use that valuable space to promote an offer.

Your Thank You Page With an Offer:

Another piece of under-utilised real estate is the thank you page. Once payment has been received and your customer is redirected back to your website, most people return the customer to either the original sales page or the main home page of the sales website.
With careful consideration, you have a chance to add value to the product or entice your customer to sign up to another program you are promoting etc.

Example Thank you page with Offer.

Redirect Unresponsive Traffic

If someone hasn’t responded to your initial sales page and didn’t join your mailing list, you still shouldn’t give up on them entirely. You have one last option to try to get a sale out of them.

You can either redirect this traffic to another single offer, perhaps an affiliate link that ties in with the theme of your original sales page but presents something differently than you do, or you can send them to a “Recommended Resources” page that lists several other products they may be interested in.

Basically, this is your last-ditch effort. It’s now or never, and it’s time to try to get them to respond in some way.

You can test and tweak this page and try to get it to convert as well as possible, but any response is better than just letting all that traffic go without a fight.

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