There are a lot of employees who are longing to be their own boss, yet are fearsome of what the future may hold if they were business owners. I would like to advise that if you’re among those individuals, you’d do well to become a great employee first! I spent a lot of years as an employee and was constantly found to be a model employee. My entrepreneur bosses constantly gave me high evaluations. Looking back and evaluating the list of employee mentalities, I can frankly tell you that I did not have those mentalities. I was a great employee! If you have a want to be your own boss one day, going after your dreams as an entrepreneur, you should start now. Approach your occupation as if you owned the company where you work.

Bearing that ownership spirit in mind will reward you in two ways:

1. It will highlight any hidden talents you may have and highlight your positive attitude to your bosses.

2. But more importantly it will ready you for the day when you are able to pursue your own business and realise your dreams.

You are able to learn to be an entrepreneur while you are still working. Having this spirit will excite you to pursue your own dreams when you’re not on your employer’s time clock.

Ambition - moving from Employee to Entreprenuer

Positive Mindset and Productivity

You spend about a one-third of your life at work. If you’re spending this time with negative individuals, your spirit will be dragged down as well. It could even lead to a negative appraisal or affect your ability to do your job. By recognizing the impact negative thoughts can have on you as an individual and also on those around you and dealing with them as they happen you will be doing a lot of the work to remain positive in a negative situation and build your business skills.

11 ways to prevent negative thoughts from bogging you down.

1. Take breaks.

This might seem conflicting when you are swamped. All the same, “crunch time” is when it’s even more crucial to stay clear and focused. It’s easy to make errors when feeling deluged. Actually schedule breaks into your day if essential. Even a short walk around the building may clear your head and bring down stress.

Benefit to you: increased productivity.

2. Co-ordinate and prioritize.

If you’re consistently searching for items on your cluttered desk, allow time to organize files, tools and equipment. Keep paper and electronic files in marked folders. On your PC, produce a short cuts folder and favourites folder to help find items rapidly and easily.

3. Confine distractions and interruptions.

Schedule times to follow-up and respond to mail, e-mail and voice mail. If conceivable, switch off instant messenger programs and don’t answer personal calls while you work at other tasks.

4. Notice time wasters.

Standard culprits are instant messaging, net surfing, personal calls and gossip with colleagues. The minutes spent on these distractions may become hours of lost time and lost productivity. Determine limits on these actions and discover ways to politely end conversations.

Hour Glass - Representing wasted time Image

5. Utilize a single portable calendar to track all meetings, dates and deadlines.

Produce a schedule to begin and finish a given task and stick to it. Start and finish tasks on time. A daily or weekly “To Do” list may likewise be a helpful tool to stay on track and remain productive. Be truthful with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses and then budget time and jobs accordingly. It may be helpful to do the things that you like the least first, as they might be more time consuming and you’re more likely to finish more interesting activities.

Benefit to you: More Organized.

6. Compose agendas for meetings and remain inside the allotted time.

Inefficient meetings that over run are a huge cause of productivity loss. Put down all key information like date, time, attendees, schedule items and action items when taking notes. This might save considerable guessing later. When in doubt, document everything. Learn to utilize new and better tools to accomplish your work and invest a little time in learning to utilize existing tools more efficiently. Discover a coach or mentor or take a class in time management, organizational strategies and productive business communication.

7. Possess a life outside your job.

Keep friends & acquaintances who have a good grasp of reality and with whom you are able to share life experiences which are totally unrelated to the job you do. Refuse to even discuss your work outside work hours, particularly if the environment is toxic except when it comes to the ideas for your own business.

8. Refuse to let your colleagues’ workaholic, ambitions and selfish conduct seep into your system.

It’s easy to let negative conduct creep in to your work environment by agreeing with perspectives or taking sides. Rather, choose to rise above it all by staying neutral.

Disorganised Chaos Image

9. Defend your thoughts; they sooner or later become your reality.

Make certain the negativism around you does not continue playing in your head. Play music at your desk at a reasonable volume if you think it helps balance you. Take breaks to collect your thoughts. Keep positive reminders and quotes around your desk. These could be pictures of your goals or people who inspire you. They should promote a positive attitude and help you towards achieving your goals.

Benefit to you: Positive Relaxed Outlook.

10. Recognize that most of what goes on at work and most of the negativism, even that directed at you, isn’t about you.

Think about the stress your colleagues are facing at work, at home and in their personal lives and comprehend that they’re projecting and displacing their frustration onto you and other people around them as well. Remember that dealing with people is crucial to being an entrepreneur

11. Truly think about your options for beginning your entrepreneur journey.

A few bosses may be emotionally abusive; if the company surroundings don’t look likely to change, evaluate whether this is truly the best place for you and whether you are in a position to be able to start your own business sooner rather than later. You spend eight plus hours a day at your desk juggling calls, e-mails and correspondences. However, the stack of paper on your cluttered up desk continues to grow taller, you find you eat more meals at the office than you do at home and you’re still hardly meeting your deadlines. Discover ways to keep away from time traps and to improve existing procedures to be not only more productive at work, but much less stressed and to develop skills that you can use in your own business.

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Steph Hill · February 17, 2018 at 11:49 am

Hi Peter

I am delighted to be able leave a comment on your well designed website. It is incredible you just started this month and you already have some awesome content. I also read your About Me page in addition to your landing page and this article. I am just like you in that I left the rat race to stay home and take care of my ageing mother following the death of my father, her husband of 46 years. In addition, I also have a son with autism and would like to devote more time to him.

Our backgrounds are very similar in that I used to be technical writer/editor and proofread manuals and other documents. I am also certified in website design and hold a masters in library science. Like you, I wanted to stay home and work in a nice quiet country-setting lifestyle using my already honed in skills.

I too belong to both Wealthy Affiliate and have worked myself up to being an Ambassador, but I also belong to IBOT (Internet Business Owners Toolbox) and just as you, I float back in forth, but I spend the majority of my time developing my websites and helping others succeed with their businesses. Sorry for making this so long. I did wish to conclude by saying for those who are on the fence about starting an online business, I urge you to go for it. You will never know what you are capable of achieving if you do not go and try. You will never know the full depth of your potential unless you give it your all and use the skills you have within you, and they do not need to be academic skills, they can people skills, they can social skills, they can be non-tangible skills that you can use to make yourself stand out and achieve success.

Thank you Peter for helping others to achieve and follow their dreams.

    admin · February 17, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    Thank you Steph, for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.
    I am glad you like the site and I will take you up on your suggestions and will adjust it accordingly. It is truly amazing how similar our backgrounds are and I look forward to further interaction both at wealthy affiliate
    and IBO. Looking at the current world situation and the fact that there is no such thing as a job for life, more and more individuals are looking to work from home. I totally agree with your sentiment, that if you are looking to start a business or want to work at home, you should just grab the bull by the horns and go for it.

    Both of the forementioned resources are excellent and should be the first port of call for any-one serious about starting out on their own.

    Best regards

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