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Traffic Generation Strategy #6:
Social Bookmark Traffic.

Here are the top 11 social bookmarking websites for generating fresh back links and quality traffic to your site. All of these websites contain DO follow, ensuring links leading to your website will count within the search engines as a valid back link.

Your task for this week is to register with each of these social bookmarking sites listed below:

  1. http://slashdot.org (PR9)
  2. http://digg.com (PR8)
  3. http://technorati.com (PR8)
  4. http://www.furl.net (PR7)
  5. http://www.backflip.com (PR7)
  6. http://www.hugg.com (PR7)
  7. http://www.mixx.com (PR7)
  8. http://ma.gnolia.com (PR7)
  9. http://www.connotea.org (PR7)
  10. http://mystuff.ask.com (PR7)
  11. https://delicious.com (PR8)

This will give you an instant boost in your targeted traffic to your website or online business.

Why should Social Bookmarks be part of my traffic campaign?

Social Bookmarking sites have an intrinsic advantage over search engines and other bots — people choose what to bookmark rather than relying on a program to categorise and qualify content. There is an implied quality in something that someone has taken the time to select. Social Bookmarker’s read other people’s bookmarks and add them to their own if they like them. There are also RSS feeds so people can see what others are tagging, which I think is really cool, and a textbook example of viral marketing.

The value of Social Bookmarking and traffic generation
what will increase my Social Bookmarking Traffic?

1.Register with the bookmarking sites above
2.Write good content
3.Allow people to easily bookmark your website.

What type of content is best?

1. Lists (10 best hosting providers for example)
2. How to (How to install wordpress)
3. Humour or humourous content (note how quick cute cat/dog videos go viral on Facebook etc)
4. Technical articles

What tools can I install to make my content easy to bookmark?

There are terrific WordPress plugins to help you easily bookmark your blog, please find a couple of them listed below:

sexy bookmarks – https://wordpress.org/plugins/sexybookmarks/

Sharebar – https://wordpress.org/plugins/sharebar/

You can find more plugins at the WordPress repository – https://wordpress.org/plugins/

To get an instant boost to your traffic install your preferred plugin today.

To bookmark blogs and normal HTML websites:

1. login to your preferred bookmarking website.
2. Copy website link from browser bar.
3. Insert copied link into the submit link (or equivalent)

It is as easy as that.

Thanks for sticking with us this far.
I will see you next time when we cover Directory Submissions.

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