Thank you for enjoying this sequence on traffic generation, our 4th instalment is outlined below:

Time to allocate: 20-30 minutes per social network or less.
Cost to join: free.

Complimentary products to allow you to research social media advertising in more depth:

50 Ways Businesses Use Social Media

Traffic Generation Strategy #4: Social Networking

You can generate a lot of traffic to your website, by establishing a reputation within your niche through social networking communities. While this traffic strategy does take a bit of time, you will find it incredibly easy to set up and manage your accounts and campaigns. There are literally hundreds of different social networking websites available online, with the most popular communities being:


Sign Up: https://www.facebook.com

With Facebook, you can interact with those in your market by adding them as a contact, but you can also generate exposure a number of other ways from within the Facebook community:

Facebook also offers an internal advertising channel, where you can set up PPC or CPC campaigns. Facebook offers extensive customisation options including the ability to define your advertising schedule, as well as target specific segments of your market based on gender, age and even location. You can create your advertisement by visiting:


You can also begin generating exposure by creating a “Facebook Fan Page” that allows potential customers and subscribers to join your fan page, and receive instant updates and alerts each time you publish new material to your page.


Sign Up: https://twitter.com/

Twitter is the leading social network and information portal online. You can quickly establish an online presence, generate targeted traffic and even build a mailing list by submitting regular broadcasts, growing a following and using free tools including:

Social Oomph

to schedule automated broadcasts that are sent out to everyone who chooses to follow you.

Other Social Networks Include:

  • http://www.Digg.com
  • http://www.MySpace.com
  • http://www.Linkedin.com
  • http://www.Xanga.com
Social Media Marketing - image
  • http://www.Friendster.com
  • http://www.Zorpia.com
  • http://www.Tagged.com
  • http://www.Fubar.com

Join as many as you need to promote your business. Read each individual social networks terms and conditions to allow you to maximise your websites exposure.

You can also use the following tool Share 42 (I have provided an example on my website at Web Traffic Buyer, just scroll down the page to activate).

All you need to do is install a small snippet of code between the Opening <head> & closing </head> tags of your website.

Add as many or as little social tags as you want. When your visitor clicks on the social media icon, they are taken to the login page for that site.

– i.e click on Facebook,

– login (if not already logged in)

– and share with your followers.

This can give you a massive amount of free traffic.

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