Using Telephone Etiquette during business calls.

How to use proper telephone etiquette during business related calls so that you can always make a good impression when you are speaking with clients, customers or prospects. Before and during a business call, it is essential that you be aware of your tone of voice, and it is highly recommended that you take a few minutes to practice, ensuring that you use the correct tone, volume, and pitch during a conversation. By doing this, you will assist the listener in their interpretation of the conversation, instead of them having to rely solely on verbal cues. During any business phone call, be certain to inform the other party who you are, your respective position, and what company you are representing.

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This should be immediately followed by giving the name of whom you are trying to reach. Be certain to retain a polite tone when asking to speak with the person you are trying to reach. Always be courteous, because you have no way of knowing what their schedule is and if they are busy attending to another equally important matter. On the other hand, if you are the one receiving the call, retain a professional and pleasant tone when answering. Additionally, you should also identify yourself and your company when answering. This particular approach to phone communication in the business world is essential and necessary, and will set you apart from your competitors, this is especially important in today’s frenetic world, where first impressions count. When answering or responding to business calls it is important to consider all available possibilities.

Business Etiquette – Putting You On Hold

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Perhaps one of the most important aspects in business etiquette is the proper use of the hold feature. This tool allows you to address urgent matters, while allowing you to continue your communication with the other party on another line. However, this option must be employed in a specific way in order to refrain from offending the other party and wasting their time.

If a situation has arisen and you must place someone on hold, first ask if you may place them on hold for a short time. Wait for their confirmation prior to doing so and turning your attention to another task, otherwise they may not be aware as to what just happened. If the other party seems indecisive about being placed on hold, respectfully explain to them that another matter has arisen and it is essential to address it immediately. Do not make them feel as if their time is not valuable to you, but impress the urgency of this other matter. Furthermore, since you are going to place them on hold, it is essential that you explain to them clearly why they are being momentarily inconvenienced. Under no circumstance should you keep them waiting for more than 30 seconds, and as such, you must address the other matter quickly, before returning to the other person.

Voice Mail The Correct Way

When using voice mail messages it is a good idea to follow these guidelines.

A voice mail inbox is usually available on most telephone systems. These systems allow you to record a message if you are unavailable, for example if you are tied up in a meeting or on holiday for a few days. This informs the other party why you are not responding to their call, but you will get back to them as soon as possible. This is very practical in business environments, especially with people who have extremely busy schedules, they often cannot spare a few minutes to try to contact you. When leaving messages, try to keep the message clear and concise. Be sure to speak clearly and slowly, so the person is able to understand and interpret your message easily. If there is a playback feature for the message, listen to it and verify that it is clear and easily understood. Business professionals appreciate receiving return messages, informing them that you are unable to respond in the given time frame. This saves them time and allows you both to select a date that is more appropriate to both your schedules.

By following these proper and easy to implement phone etiquette guidelines you will be sure to leave a good impression during every business call.

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