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Welcome to part 2 of our e-course covering how to use Twitter in your Internet Marketing Business.

Whether you want to generate more traffic to your site or you want to increase your social relationships, Twitting is a fun and exciting activity that you can quickly master and use to achieve your goals. We already know that Twitter keeps people connected at all times. Some people send tweets regularly (every day) and others only a few times a week. Since you are planning on using Twitter to build your Internet Marketing business the latter is the best option for you.

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If you are using WordPress for your blog, there are quite a few tools that you can use to automate your Twitter activities from inside your dashboard including:


This plug-in will encourage your visitors to tweet your blog post. TweetThis also adds a Twitter link in every blog post you create plus gives you the ability to shorten your blog post URL to fit the 140-character limit.

TweetMeme button

The TweetMeme button Helps other people to easily re-tweet your post on Twitter and it also shows a count of how many times your blog post has been re-tweeted.

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools – This plug-in integrates your blog with Twitter by pulling all your tweets into the side bar of your blog. You can also use it to post new tweets from inside your WordPress blog.


Twollo is another Twitter tool that you can use to find people you want to follow. Just type in the subject or topic that interests you and the tool will find people who are talking about the same thing and automatically follows them for you.

And the list goes on.

I could literally list hundreds of tools that work with Twitter for you, but then we would be stuck on this Twitter e-course for days, so instead I am going to suggest that you do a little home work after you are done reading this lesson. All you have to do is open up your favourite search engine and do a search for “Twitter tools, plug ins and add-ons” you will find more that enough to meet your needs. You can narrow your search even more if you are looking for something more specific.

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For instance I did a search for “Twitter tools business” while I was writing this blog post and came across some that I did not know about.
Before we close this lesson I do want to tell you about one more tool that you can use to find out who you are following that is not following you back. It is Tweepler and all you have to do is type in your Twitter username and password and it will give you detailed list of who is following you and who you are following. It also has a very nice point and click interface, so that you can quickly sort through your peeps. It does take it a few minutes to populate the list but it is well worth the wait. You can find it here:

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So, go do your homework and find some Twitter Tools that will work in your niche and start using them to make new contacts, automate your posts and promote your site even better with Twitter!

I have given you a little head start with the the following resource which lists 91 Free Tools to fit any need.