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The traffic strategy covered today is outlined below:

Strategy 9 – Traffic is the life blood of any online business opportunity.

Unfortunately, this is the main ingredient left out of the Internet Marketing tool box, and the most difficult component of any business to master for both newbies and experienced marketers.

So many so called “Internet Marketing Guru’s” boast about how much money they can make on a product launch and can show the flashy income reports to back these up.

What is never revealed is the fact that they can rely on other big marketers and their lists to cross promote their product. They also have a large advertising budget and can generate a buzz around their product launch.

Lets be realistic here most online business owners and newbies will not achieve this level of success. Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying that there is not money to be made on the Internet and that you cannot make upwards of $1000+ per month, however, if you keep buying the latest product or jump onto every new product launch then you will never make any worth while money on line.

To be successful you need the following:

– Determination,
– Commitment
– A dream
– A plan and
– A good sense of humour

You need to work out what programs you can use to drive your business forward. And to answer that question, you need to ask yourself the following:

– What tools can add value to my offering?
– What tools can I use to advertise my business?
– What tools do I need to grow my business?

If you can select these tools, you will be able to drive your business forward. The correct type of advertising is one of the most important aspects of growing your business and making it profitable. You need a mix of both free advertising – (Who doesn’t like a free advert?) and paid advertising.

The best types of free advertising we can use are a mix of the following:

– solo ads.
– traffic exchanges.
– solo emails.
You are getting your business in front of other marketers looking for your service or product. This type of advertising can be reasonably targeted and works extremely well when combined with a splash page to build your list.

The next type of advertising is free targeted traffic:

Organic search engine traffic as a result of good on page search engine optimization (seo) efforts.

The other type of highly targeted traffic is purchased traffic which can be targeted by both Geo targeting (country) and by offer/market type.

For example – I have a dog training guide which I want to promote to only people in Spain. I would purchase traffic and select (dog owners for the product category) and Spain (for the geographically targeted country)

In summary:

– An online business without traffic will not grow.
– An online business with the wrong type of traffic is unprofitable.
– An online business with correctly targeted traffic is both growing and profitable, which type of business do you want to run?

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