How to use Twitter

Welcome to our e-course covering how to use Twitter in your Internet Marketing Business.

What do we cover?

  • Building your followers
  • Tools to make your Twitter page more interactive
  • How to gather new customers using Twitter
  • Maximize your Twitter Traffic
  • Common mistakes that Twitter users make
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In part one of this Twitter e-course we talk a little about how you can start building a large network of friends, clients, associates, and customers using the social networking website Twitter. Many new users of Twitter are constantly asking how they can use the site more effectively for their business and since the site has grown into an Internet mega monster that is globally known and talked about, they are right to ask. The fact is Twitter is a fantastic tool for your Internet Marketing (IM) business. Internet relationships are very different from actual personal relationships. They are based primarily on like, know, and trust. Many people are reaching out to others through social network websites like Twitter, Facebook and many others. If you are new to Twitter you may not realize that you can create your personal or business brand and virtually dominate your market, simply by building a list of followers.

Let us talk about some of the ways you can you achieve this.

Once you have set up your Twitter account you will want to work on your profile. This way you can quickly customise the look and feel of your page. You will want to pay close attention to your one line bio. Because this is what people will read before they decide whether or not they want to follow you. You will only have 160 characters to describe who you are and what you do, so you have to make it good!

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Twitter Strategies For Getting Followers

If you have business contacts that are already using Twitter, invite them to follow you. Put link’s in your emails, on your websites and blogs asking people to follow you. You could even put your Twitter url on your business card, so that you can gather followers offline as well. Do not be shy tell everyone you meet about your Twitter page. Make it sound exciting and let them know that you will be sharing important updates, great tips and information with them if they follow you. You may be surprised to find out that almost everyone will click the follow button just to see what you are up too! Another thing that I feel is important especially for Internet marketers is to seek out and follow the ‘gurus’ and the powerful users of Twitter. This will benefit you in more than one way. It will give you a bird’s eye view of what they are doing on Twitter, so you can learn how to improve your own results and it will also put you in front of all the people they are in contact with. Curiosity, you can not fight it, so you may as well take advantage of it. People are curious by nature! They like to see who is following who, so often they will click on the links and check out the followers of people they know and follow them as well and by following the leaders, so to speak you may naturally end up will new followers as well. Just try and keep your target market in mind when you choose ‘gurus’ to follow.


Now let us talk about meeting even more people and making hundreds of new friends by using ‘re-tweet’s’. With this method, you take the original twitter message someone else has posted, and rebroadcast that same message to your followers. When broadcasting the message, you should definitely give credit to the original poster. I know at first it may sound like this will only be good for the original tweeter, but re-tweeting can actually benefit you just as much if not more.

3 Benefits of Re-tweeting

1. It provides more value to your followers.

When you provide value to your followers, you make them happy! You are also more likely to attract followers. Providing quality content is always a great way to build your business no matter what platform you use.

2. It will benefit your brand.

If you point a reader to a source of good information that is truly relevant and beneficial to them, the amount of trust that they have in you will increase.

3. It will help you build relationships with the original posters.

Re-tweeting someone else’s content is an act of kindness, and for the most part bloggers like to return the favour. You should not expect someone to re-tweet your content just because you re-tweet theirs. Just keep in mind that your chance of being on the other end of a re-tweet increases as you re-tweet.

Re-tweeting is all about providing value to your followers so if you want others to re-tweet your post then you want to make sure that you are providing them with quality content worth tweeting about. The bottom line is re-tweeting is a great way to add quality and value to your Twitter page. If done right, re-tweeting can help you educate your followers, build your personal brand, increase future traffic, and connect you to other great people in your niche.